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Welcome to Mark Eviota Productions. Thank you for visiting!


Hi! my name is Mark Eviota, an E-Commerce Web Developer, Web Designer, Filmmaker, Storyteller, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Drone Pilot and PC Modder. I enjoy creating and building e-commerce websites from scratch. Websites I host and create are cross-browser friendly, mobile friendly, secure (SSL), google analytics, SEO enhanced and responsive professionally customized websites. I started hardcoding using only Microsoft Notepad to build websites from scratch when I was still in college. Now, I am more focused on WordPress.

I am also very passionate about filming. I’ve been studying filmmaking for many years now. I always aim to produce a cinematic film look. I love capturing the small details of the events as they unfold throughout the day to create a beautiful story. I owned “Mark Eviota Productions”, a small wedding cinematography business in Michigan, that strive to create captivating videos that capture all the moments that make a video special. I currently live in Houston, Texas now with my wife and two children and I love watching Totoro by Ghibli with my kids! If you need a wedding videographer here in Houston. I am available for hire. Click here for Rates.