Directed and filmed weddings and other special events in candid approach. Using Adobe Premiere Pro with a combination of Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop to magically edit the captured


moments. Equipped with professional digital Canon cameras with top of the line lenses. Stabilized cameras with DSLR Shoulder Rig, Flycam and Jib Crane to produce a professional cinematic movie film. For Mark Eviota Productions, a good edit starts with music. We choose what we think would be a really great music track to match the video. Something that fits the mood of the shoot, and most importantly, something that would make for a great


edit story-telling. Looking for the perfect music is one of the hardest to do in my experience. Often times I license songs from artists to pair with the footage. Once I find something I really like it’s just a matter of choosing the best shots and cutting to the beat. Then comes color grading and other special effects, which is the fun part to do.

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You can also check more of my work here for other videos that I edited, color graded and animated.