Started using Avada Theme for WordPress. I’ve used it for a week now. Cost me $60 to get the premium access. I was very curious about it. I’ve heard it many times. Very powerful tool. I still need more time to learn it, but I can already see that this is the answer to all those serious web developers out there who only has limited control using WordPress themes. I am very happy I was able to change my website the way I like using Avada, but it has a downside. It feels very heavy. My website loads very slow now. Building the site is slow. Hoping that Avada will come up with a solution in the future to make it faster.

    • Pages are not saving properly. Keeps saying “The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. RESTORE THE BACKUP”. ???? Toink! This thing is confused.

    • Menus not saved properly. Tried placing it below the Slider. Doubled checked everything in the settings (also global settings) to make sure to show below the slider. Still showing on top.

    • Installed Super Cache to see if it will speed up the website and fix the bugs cached in the server. Still the same. Did not help. Deleting Super Cache tomorrow if still no improvements. (Super Cache Deleted 01.26.2018. It only made everything complicated and it did not help improve. Activated CDN in hosting. Improved the website speed. back to normal again)

    • Saving settings in Avada Theme Options very slow. It is like turning on an old computer trying to load all the drivers and OS.

    • Deleted and Re-Installed Avada Theme. Still the same. Slow…..

    • Increased upload_max_filesize & max_execution_time in php.ini, but still the same. No improvement. Toink! Very Painful!