Mark Eviota is an E-Commerce Website Builder, Filmmaker, Photographer, Drone Pilot and PC Builder. Loves creating high quality modern e-commerce websites from scratch. Building cross-browser friendly, mobile friendly, secure (SSL), google analytics, SEO enhanced and responsive websites. Designed and Developed many professional websites for companies.

Mr. Eviota is also passionate about filming and capturing all the small details of the events as they unfold throughout the day. He owned "Mark Eviota Productions", a small business in Michigan, that strive to create captivating videos that capture all the detailed moments that make a video special. Mr. Eviota not only filmed many beautiful weddings but created different

stories on each and every one of them. He also professionally edits the footage to create a cinematic film for the videos. Created many short films to enhance the branding and market company names.

He also enjoys building desktop computers from the ground up. Overclocking and upgrading the hardware to get the speed needed.

As a child he dreamed of becoming a pilot and when drones became available to the public that can film high-level aerial cinematography, he became very interested in it to improved his filming techniques. Now holding a sUAS license for his Phantom 3 Professional Quad copter, Mr. Eviota enjoys safely flying to capture amazing cinematic shots. He currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two children.