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website designing and developing

Designing and Developing Modern E-Commerce, SEO optimized, Google Analytic Feature, Mobile-friendly, Cross-Browser Friendly and Secure (SSL Installed) Customized WordPress powered websites. Also created websites from scratch using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technologies. Writing in a clean documented codes using Adobe Dreamweaver and created professional custom graphics by utilizing Adobe Photoshop CC.

Installed and transferred websites from one hosting server to another. With a background experience in hosting servers. All websites created are running and maintained in my own hosting server for more than 10 years. Originally started using Visual Basic, C++ and SQL 2000 Server.

Built WordPress Powered Websites:
Utilizing Adobe Dreamweaver to tweak and customize the site Files and Database Tables! SAMPLES BELOW:

Paty, Incorporated
Drone Tech., Inc.
LifeBridge Home Care
Legacy Site - Mark Eviota

Created custom websites from scratch:
YES! Everything created from scratch! I have built websites using only a Microsoft Notepad, Editra and Dreamweaver to write lines of codes! Built the Databases from scratch! Mind Twister! the old Days was crazy! Now with WordPress, it is so different! SAMPLES BELOW:

Legacy Website Mark Eviota Productions
Pioneer Specialty Hospital
Lacunanotes Web App
DEMO for E-commerce Website
Created Store Locator with PHP, MySQL & Google Maps from scratch