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I have always believed in providing high quality and excellent service possible

Building beautiful mobile-friendly SEO optimized websites for personal website or for your business or an e-commerce websites at a very affordable price.

Film making

Capturing the magic and making beautiful films that last for a lifetime. I specialize in wedding cinematography and videography shooting candid approach towards documenting the bride and groom special day. Filming in a more natural way and magically edit filmic look! I also film any special type of events.

Product Photography

Utilizing Canon professional cameras 60D and 5D Mark II. Editing RAW images using Adobe Photoshop. Professionally removing unnecessary background of the images so it can be used for magazines and online stores.

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Established in 2012
web developer, web designer, wedding filmmaker, photographer, pc modder

In 2003, I started building my own desktop computer from scratch in the basement. Buying all the small parts online and going to computer stores hoping that all of them will work. After I got all the parts collected and assembled, I was nervous and at the same time very excited. For the very very first time turning on the power of the very first assembled computer aaaaaaaand it worked! I felt like the best mad scientist in the world! It was an amazing feeling... After all that I became curious how the software runs inside a computer so I started creating my own software using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL. It was my very first computer languages learned. Felt so great I was able to control things using those languages, I thought it was godly powers. All that experiences opened a big world for me and inspired me to do other things and also helped me easily understand and able to build beautiful mobile-friendly websites, creating websites from scratch, building water cooled enhanced overclocked desktop computers and filming, animating, editing videos became my expertise. See my work samples here or click portfolio above menu :)

  • Editra

    Coding from scratch, Testing and Debugging skills

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

    Film Editing and Animating skills

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Editing Captured RAW images and animating skills

  • Canon Cameras

    Equipped with DSLR Shoulder Rig Stabilizer, Flycam, Jib Cran...

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