Mark Eviota is an E-Commerce Web Designer, Web Developer, Filmmaker, Storyteller, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Drone Pilot and PC Modder.  Building custom professional websites from the highest quality possible. SEO enhanced, Cross-browser friendly, mobile friendly, secure (SSL), with google analytics and responsive.

Mark started programming in Visual Basic 6 with a combination of SQL to create Windows Applications in 2003. He then started hard-coding websites using only Microsoft Notepad to build websites from scratch in 2005. Until he ran across WordPress, he never came back. Mark is now more focused on Avada WordPress, because it is mobile responsive & have seen what it is capable of. Mark is also very passionate about filmmaking. He never stopped studying filmmaking for many years now and always aim to produce a cinematic film look.

He loves capturing the small details of the events as they unfold throughout the day to create a beautiful story. He is the owner of “Mark Eviota Productions”, a small wedding cinematography business in Michigan, that strive to create captivating videos that captures all the moments that make a video very special. Mark currently lives in Texas with his wife and two children and he loves watching Totoro by Ghibli with his kids!