Easy Step by Step follow the video tutorial:
Video Summary:

  • Step 1. Create a new signature in Outlook. (note: remember the name you used to create the signature)
  • Step 2. Locate the file that was created (Created in Step 1) by manually typing the location shown in the video then press enter. (note: you must replace the keyword that says TypeYourUsernameHere with the current desktop username you are using.)
  • Step 3. Find the file that has the HTM file extension and edit it using a notepad. (Shown in the Video)
  • Step 4. Delete all HTML codes in that file and replace it with your new HTML codes.
  • Step 5. Save it. That is it!

HTML Email Signature for Outlook

Professional and sharp custom made email signature for Microsoft Outlook. You can create any design you like that will always look very sharp compared to the attachment version. The benefits in using HTML version email signature are the following:

  • Very sharp logo and graphics. Will not show blurry or low resolution.
  • Will not show as an attachment in emails which is confusing sometimes that will make the receiver thinks there is an image attached.
  • You can create any design without limit.

HTML CODE BELOW (to copy and paste to your file):

Please Note: You will need to upload your image somewhere and use the link in your HTML code. The image link shown in the code below is just a sample. Replace it with your image link.

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