How to set up anchors correctly in Avada WordPress

The most important is the number (#) sign. That will tell the website that it is an anchor. This video will show you how to set up anchors in Avada WordPress. Avada is a premium theme that is used in WordPress to let you have more control and more freedom to build a custom website. I highly recommend Avada specially if you have a very demanding client.

Easy Steps How to Embed Facebook Live Video for WordPress Avada

Website was built using WordPress with a combination of AVADA. This video is meant for the Vertical Life Church Staff how to embed Facebook Live Video, but this will also work for everybody. The Website in this video is already set up and ready. In this video I skipped the step 1 to copy and paste the JavaScript SDK code, because it is already installed in the website. Link to Paste the Facebook Video URL:… If you are not a Vertical Life Church Staff and you have your own WordPress website, you will need to include the JavaScript SDK on your page once, ideally right after the opening body tag.

Step by Step How to add/insert links in WordPress Avada Fusion Builder

Inserting Constant Contact shareable links in Avada Fusion Builder. Avada is a powerful WordPress theme. Powerful options & tools, unlimited designs, and responsive framework. It will give you more control of the website. Not like other themes that you can only do limited control when designing and developing your website. It is the swiss army knife of WordPress themes.

Amazing Professional Editing Product Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 Sold in TWO WEEKS

Professionally editing the products to stand out more than others will really give a bigger chance to get sold.

Easiest Way to Fix Stress Crack Lines On your DJI Phantom 3 Drone Save Money No need to buy Shell

Don’t buy New Phantom 3 Drone Shells. This video will show you step by step the easy alternative way to fix crack lines for less money. Replacing the drone shell is very complicated and expensive! You’ll have a big chance of making it worse and break your drone.

I’ve been flying my drone for months now after fixing and the crack lines did not spread anymore. I feel more safer. You can also do this even if you don’t have stress crack lines yet to reinforce and prevent the drone shell from cracking in the motor area. It is a very common area where the crack lines starts appearing. Phantom 3 Drone Shells are not strong enough because almost everybody with Phantom 3 has crack lines after many flights.

Make sure to let the Gorilla Glue Epoxy dry before you install the CNC Metal Reinforcement Plate so you can easily remove the plates later. The Gorilla Glue will help stop the crack lines from spreading.

The ThreadLocker is to keep the screws secure. The drone motors vibrates a lot when it starts flying. If you don’t put a ThreadLocker, the screws become loose and it might come off.

The CNC Metal Reinforcement Plates are used to make sure the drone motors are tight secure. It will reinforce the drones shells and help to prevent the drone shells from cracking.

WHAT YOU NEED (3 items):
CNC Metal Reinforcement Plate For DJI Phantom 3 available on amazon:

ThreadLocker –

Gorilla Glue Epoxy Clear –

You don’t need these below, but just in case:

If you are looking for a DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone, amazon has a good deal on this link:

Extra batteries for your Drone with a safety travel bag:

I highly recommend these type of propellers. Your Drone will fly more stable and faster with Carbon Fiber Propellers by DJI:

If very sunny, too much light. I highly recommend using lens filter to keep the good quality of the footage captured. It will keep your captured footage smoother to watch:

Short USB Cable is better than the longer cable to connect your phone to the controller. Long cables are annoying, so get a short one:

Sunshade Controller Hood:

I recommend this type of memory card if you record in 4K: