1and1 Pointing External Domain from Godaddy and Transfers the Website

  1. Request Point to DNS to Godaddy.
  2. After request pointing was approved you will receive an email with the new name servers. Copy and enter the new name servers from the 1and1 and replace the old name servers in GoDaddy.
  3. Wait until complete (Sometimes it will take 10 minutes). Keep checking the domain until something shows from 1and1 domain status.
  4. Once you are able to enter the names servers and save (Pointing Process is 100%). You can now change the MX records in 1and1 if you need to change. Note that you cannot change the MX records in 1and1 if the new name servers are not entered, activated, and status of DNS pointing is incomplete.
  5. Login to WordPress first. Keep the browser open.
  6. Go back to C-Panel in the 1and1 and add SSL to the new external domain.
  7. Ready to transfer the entire wesbite!
  8. Change the WordPress site and address in the WordPress settings and click save. (Make sure you add https since you added SSL)
  9. Wait for few minutes. Sometimes this process will take 5 minutes or longer. Don’t get confused. Be patient.
  10. Go back to c-panel and click the new domain. Update the destination folder to the folder you used in your WordPress site.
  11. That’s it! Congrats! Celebrate!