Took me a while to figure this out. It is a short-code. No one created a tutorial for it. I have tried to google it 100 times, but no luck. I had to figure it out by myself. Hope this will help someone out there.

1. Create a new page (ex. my-blog)
2. Click Use Fusion Builder
3. Add a container and Select the Blank Builder Container
4. Add Column
5. Click the 1/1 Builder Column
6. Add Element
7. Click Text Block
8. Change to text mode if you are in the Visual Mode.
9. Insert the short-code:

Copy to Clipboard

11. Click Save.
12. Don’t go to Container Settings yet. Go to your Page Attribute first and Change the Page Template to 100% Width.
13. Click the Container Settings and Change the General > Interior Content Width – 100% Width.
14. Click Save and That’s it!
15. You can customize the shortcode above to your likings. You can find the Element Parameters here or the attributes:

Other link reference: